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Opulence Opulence sale


OpulenceThe high-powered massager is created with a flexible body to let you effortlessly control st..

€106.24 €124.99

Palm Bliss Palm Bliss sale

Palm Bliss

Palm Bliss..

€8.98 €17.95

Palm Embrace Palm Embrace sale

Palm Embrace

Looking to mix things up a little. Try any of the Interchangeable PalmPower attachments below for an..

€8.98 €17.95

Vibrating Intimate Massager Vibrating Intimate Massager sale

Vibrating Intimate Massager

Vibrating Intimate MassagerEmbrace flexible pleasure and let the versatile They-Ology™ Vibrating Int..

€68.52 €88.99

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View the complete range of attachments for wall vibrators below. With an attachment, a wall vibrator is quickly adjusted to a vibrator with special properties. Think of an attachment for anal stimulation or an attachment suitable for stimulating the clitoris. The attachments are suitable for almost all wall vibrators! Turn the wall vibrator into an all-round vibrator for vaginal or anal use. NOW at LEKKERR.nl competitively priced.