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Three new Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Plugs by Pipedream

Three new Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Plugs by Pipedream

Are you looking for a new toy with a refined, luxurious touch of class? Found: Vibrating Icicles from Pipedream. Three rechargeable vibrating glass plugs, each model includes a wireless remote control and a silicone suction cup. Designed to give the ultimate experience with solo sex sessions, or share with a partner for a sublime sexual adventure! These multi-functional vibrating glass plugs feature a tapered silicone base for easy grabbing and a wireless remote control to put in your partner's hands! Go through 10 unique vibration patterns for a truly intense orgasm! A powerful, removable silicone suction cup holds the Icicles vibrating plug in place to reach those perfect intimate spots. You will then get exciting stimulation exactly where you want it. Stick it to the floor, wall, bedpost, or just about any flat surface and you'll be amazed how it stays put through every passionate thrust! Plus, the vibrator is waterproof, so take it with you in the bath and experience the fun and discover the endless possibilities!

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