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We-Vibe Moxie Jive Available in new colors

Great news - there is more news from We-Vibe. Let's introduce you to some gorgeous new colors for two of We-Vibe's all-time favorites. Experience ultimate discreet pleasure with Jive from We-Vibe, a Bluetooth-controlled portable vibrator, now also in a trendy pink color. And Moxie, a wearable clitoral vibrator, in chic black. Tease and play anywhere with this hands-free clitoral vibrator using the remote or app. Both items are now available in their new colors at LEKKERR

Three new Rechargeable Vibrating Glass Plugs by Pipedream

Are you looking for a new toy with a refined, luxurious touch of class? Found: Vibrating Icicles from Pipedream. Three rechargeable vibrating glass plugs, each model includes a wireless remote control and a silicone suction cup. Designed to give the ultimate experience with solo sex sessions, or share with a partner for a sublime sexual adventure! These multi-functional vibrating glass plugs feature a tapered silicone base for easy grabbing and a wireless remote control to put in your partner's hands! Go through 10 unique vibration patterns for a truly intense orgasm! A powerful, removable silicone suction cup holds the Icicles vibrating plug in place to reach those perfect intimate spots. You will then get exciting stimulation exactly where you want it. Stick it to the floor, wall, bedpost, or just about any flat surface and you'll be amazed how it stays put through every passionate thrust! Plus, the vibrator is waterproof, so take it with you in the bath and experience the fun and discover the endless possibilities!

New exciting models from SILK by TOYJOY!

Now available at LEKKERR are the Explore and the Arouse: 2 luxurious G-spot vibes with sensual shapes, guaranteed to hit the right spot with their soft look ... The Explore Soft Silicone G-spot Vibe and the Arouse Silicone G-spot Vibe are the perfect choices for a sensual, intense session of the intimate game. The feminine, chic designs are made from Liquid Silicone, which feels just as smooth and luxurious as real silk. Each new design has its unique skills and sensations. The Explore vibe has a powerful dual motor and allows you to use both sides of the silhouette for intimate stimulation. That means twice as much fun at the G-spot! The Arouse is a rabbit-style vibe that provides dual stimulation of the G-spot and clitoris, resulting in a stunning climax that will shake you to the core of your body! Both models are made of high-quality, body-safe and hypoallergenic silicone. They also offer 6 pulsation modes, 4 vibration speeds and are also rechargeable via USB.

New and exclusive CalExotics Link Up models

Exclusive news from the brand CalExotics: Due to the high demand, the popular Link-Up cock ring collection of the Calexotics brand has been expanded with 6 new, ultra-soft rings. This means there is now a Link Up match for every thrilling man, allowing him to explore his desires with high-quality cock rings that keep him harder for longer! The new Link Up releases from CalExotics are now exclusively available at LEKKERR. The sexy new rings include a dual-density 10-function vibrating ring, made from smooth silicone. The model, called the Pinnacle, has a unique rolling function and an amazing resonant power. Another highlight of the newcomers is the 2-in1 Link Up Verge set. This dual density elastic silicone vibrating ring is made to massage with 10 functions of violent pulsations, a bold design and an added ultra soft silicone support ring. The structured design and deep resonant power are made to give you and your partner more satisfying stimulation. Increase the pleasure for you and your partner with the vibrating ring and Ultra-Soft support ring for more hardness! The sensual strong thriller has a powerful vibration function to make sure you always hit just the right spot ...

Exclusively new Dice games by CalExotics

Get ready to roll the dice with CalExotics. The brand has released 3 new dice games that are guaranteed to put you in a fun and playful mood. These include the EmojiGasm Dice, the Lets Get Kinky Dice and the Tempt Tease Dice, all of which can be ordered exclusively at LEKKERR.nl. Each new set in the CalExotics Dice collection has its unique appeal, but they are all a great choice for naughty foreplay and intimate gratification Easy to play and even easier to enjoy this fun game challenge you to act out your fantasies and create new try things that are perfect for exploring your limits and desires. There are just no losers with these games. Discover the new EmojiGasm Dice Let's Get Kinky Dice and Tempt Tease Dice at LEKKERR.

The best-selling attraction of Fantasy for Her

Good news for fans of Pipedream products. LEKKERR now offers the best-selling Fantasy for Her collection, including the latest models in this range. This popular collection of feminine sex toys has a perfect match for every fantasy, from slim clitoral pumps to curvy massagers, there is a match for every woman. Fantasy for Her is inspired by women who want to take control of their pleasure and find products specially made for the unique ways the female body enjoys sexual stimulation. Each beautifully designed product has been developed with sexual empowerment in mind, offering solutions and enhancements that make it easy to discover sensuality at the touch of a button. Pipedream's design team took the time to explore ways to incorporate sexual wellness into the functionality of the product and support users on their journey to self-exploration and connection with the items created for pelvic floor fitness, orgasm enhancement, simultaneous stimulation and more. Discover this best-selling collection from Pipedream on LEKKERR now online and take advantage of the competitive prices.

The multi-sensory pleasure of S8 s 4-in-1 Dessert Lube

Are you ready for an incredible taste experience that will set the mood for delicious indulgence? S8's new 4-in-1 Dessert Lube is the perfect foreplay choice to heat things up. This high-quality body-safe edible lubricant is a sensual treat for all lovers to enjoy. The sexy new S8 4-in-1 Dessert Lube comes in several delicious flavors. The quality formula is fully kissable, which means you can enjoy the delicious taste when it is slathered on your partner's body. In addition, the lube gently warms the skin to tease the skin with wonderful warmth. S8 4-in-1 also provides a long-lasting effect that can be enjoyed during a sexy massage or as a lubricant before intercourse. Use it as a lubricant, massage lotion, arousal oil or simply as a flavorful treat during oral sex. With S8 4-in-1, the delicious choice is all yours. The new S8 4-in-1 Dessert Lubricant is available in 3 irresistible flavors, Chocolate Salted Caramel, Lava Cake Tropical Pina Colada Slush and Vanilla Strawberry Whipped Cream.

Heat up the passion with Jack Rabbit by CalExotics

Increase the fun with the latest Jack Rabbit Signature at LEKKERR. There are 3 new models to choose from, each with a state-of-the-art heating function that will add a touch of pleasant warmth to your intimate game. CalExotics' new Heated Signature Jack Rabbit models are now available to order from LEKKERR. Each model has its specific skills and sensations. The Heated Silicone Rotating G Rabbit, for example, has a rotating shaft with 3 rotation speeds for maximum G-spot fun. Although each model is unique, they all share a wonderful heating function. This feature is optional and can be activated with a simple push of a button. Ideal for warming up those cold winter nights ahead. The new Heated Jack Rabbit Signature Collection vibes are a luxurious choice for intimate pleasure. The models are made of premium silicone and are USB rechargeable. Moreover, the silhouettes are completely waterproof, so you can take them to the bathroom for a splash of good action !!

New silicone arrivals in Get Real by TOYJOY

Exciting news from Get Real by TOYJOY, the collection has been expanded with the Silicone Dong and the Silicone Dildo with Balls. These 2 high-quality designs offer all-natural lifelike pleasure bundled in realistic and sexy shapes. These new arrivals to the Get Real by TOYJOY collection are designed to hit the right sensitive areas and are made from premium hypoallergenic silicone. Both shapes have a light skin tone and natural shape with realistic accents such as veins and skin folds. The difference between the designs is that the dong only mimics the shaft while the dildo also comes with plush balls to enhance the natural appeal. Both designs have a strong suction cup base for hands-free fun. When it comes to lifelike play these silicone molds are simply must-haves for all lovers of realistic fun The new Silicone Dong is available in a 7.5 inch and 8.5 inch version the silicone dildo in a 7 inch and 8 inch version. inch option Discover the new silicone dong and silicone dildo at LEKKERR online now and find out why it's time to play with these lifelike premium silicone toys.

Glamorous BDSM Play with Bondage Couture

New and now available at LEKKERR. Bondage Couture by NS Novelties This chic collection of BDSM gear is all about sophisticated dominance, adding a touch of elegance to your naughty adventures. Luxurious and chic Bondage Couture takes your kinky play to a whole new, sophisticated level. Bondage Couture from NS Novelties is the sexy and stylish alternative to traditional BDSM gear and includes fashionable accessories for kinky and imaginative play. The collection has a sleek black and gold color melange with polished gold details, brilliant shine for every bondage scenario. Whips, cuffs masks, Bondage Couture has all your kinky desires covered with its chic range of BDSM essentials. The new Bondage Couture range is made from premium materials and features nickel-free iron accents. Bondage Couture collection comes in trendy packaging. Discover this sexy, sensual and trendy new collection by NS Novelties and add Bondage Couture to your BDSM collection now.

New at LEKKERR Rear Assets by NS Novelties

LEKKERR is pleased to announce the arrival of Rear Assets from NS Novelties.

This chic range of chrome anal toys is a must-have for all lovers of anal sex pleasure. With dazzling faux gemstone accents it is the perfect choice to crown your anal adventures. This stunning range of anal plugs is made from lightweight aluminum and is drop shaped (spade shape, as in playing cards) for easy access and comfort . A classic spade shape and they are adorned with a sparkling round or heart-shaped gemstone at the base that adds a touch of glamor. The Rear Assets plugs are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes with options for every level of experience.

The trendy Rear Assets plugs are also easy to clean, hypoallergenic and suitable for use with all types of lubricants. Get your hands on this contemporary colorful and sparkling new anal plug collection from NS Novelties and order your Rear Assets via LEKKERR online today.

Sensual foreplay with Kama Sutra s Divine Nectars

Treat your partner to Kama Sutra's new Divine Nectars. A water-based edible body glide with luscious flavor. The body-safe formula delivers maximum flavor and sexy glide making it the ultimate foreplay. Kama Sutra's Essential Divine Nectars is now available from LEKKERR in 3 sensual varieties. Kama Sutra's Divine Nectars can be used anywhere on the body. The premium formula adds the perfect amount of slip and glide to any intimate activity, with a delicious splash of juicy, kissable flavor. Drizzle it all over the body where you - or your partner - want to be kissed too. Rub it, kiss it and lick it. The possibilities are endless. The Divine Nectars body glide from Kama Sutra comes in 3 flavor options. Strawberry dreams, a burst of juicy strawberry nectar, Coconut-Pineapple, Sweet creamy coconut with a dash of juicy pineapple nectar and Vanilla Créme Luscious, sweet vanilla nectar Discover the sensual Divine Nectars from Kama Sutra and buy these sexy tasty lubricants today at LEKKERR.nl

The seismic satisfaction of Tremble by CalExotics

Have you already discovered the new Tremble collection from CalExotics? This range of premium vibrators will make you vibrate with pleasure. The collection is designed to deliver deep rumbling vibrations that reach every sensual nerve in your erogenous zones. Choose from 4 discreet and small models of vibrators and enjoy amazing stimulation from the palm of your hand. The new Tremble collection from CalExotics is now exclusively available at LEKKERR. You can choose from 4 compact models, the Tease, the Tickle, the Kiss and the Please. Each model has its own specific skills and sensations, but they will all indulge you with body resonant vibes that go deeper than any regular vibrator. Delivers Stunning Stimulations and Incredible Intensity. The Tremble by CalExotics collection is made from luxury materials such as Ultra-Soft trade dual density silicone for just the right amount of soft satisfaction. The Ultra-Soft trade dua silicone with l-density and a soft flexible body are great for exploring sensual sweet spots and intimate pleasure points with ease. Up to 10 functions of seismic vibration comes with intuitive controls and is USB rechargeable. Or in other words, Tremble ticks all the boxes to become a top performer of the vibrators.

Glam by CalExotics a supercharged little gem

The Glam bullet from CalExotics is exclusively available at LEKKERR in 4 striking colors. This discreet mini vibrator may look innocent and sweet, but it's packed with high-intensity vibrations. The Glam bullet is the perfect example that sometimes smaller is actually better. The compact Glam bullet from CalExotics is small, discreet and whisper quiet, ideal for fun on the go. The sleek Glam bullet features 10 functions of high-intensity vibration, which are controlled by a sleek one-touch button. The bullet's whisper-quiet motor makes sure nobody hears it, making it your little hot, fun-loving secret. The supercharged Glam bullet from CalExotics is available exclusively at LEKKERR in 4 sexy shades, Black, Pink, Blue and Silver. Get your hand's on this discreet little beauty from CalExoitcs.

Get flexible with the new We-Vibe Nova 2

New and ready to discover the We-Vibe Nova 2 .. This "Tarzan" style vibe is super flexible and hits all your hotspots with ease. If you fantasize about a vibrator that effortlessly follows your movements in the heat of the sex game, the Nova 2 is your dream come true. The Nova 2 from We-Vibe offers the perfect fit for every woman. The rabbit style vibe comes with an ergonomic clit stimulator, offering maximum flexibility. This means it moves with the shaft of the vibe teasing your G-spot. Because the clit stimulator stays in constant contact with the clitoris, you can enjoy the powerful vibrations non-stop. The flexible Nova 2 is USB rechargeable and made of soft skin-friendly silicone. The design is also compatible with the We-Connect mobile app. It allows you to control it via your smartphone and create new custom vibration patterns to indulge your senses. Discover the new We-Vibe Nova 2 at LEKKERR online and order this flexible beauty today.

Share the fun with S8's Together Kit

New and ready to order from LEKKERR. The S8 Together Kit. This kit includes the sexy S8 Spark Clitoral Gel for women and the S8 Delay Gel for men so both partners can share the pleasure and ignite the passion in one stunning session of lovemaking The new S8 Together Kit is now available to LEKKERR customers The kit is perfect to use together or just as a naughty gift for yourself. When you use the S8 Spark Clitoral Gel and the S8 Delay Gel together, the Spark will excite the feminine senses and erogenous zones, while the Delay allows it to go on for longer. The perfect Spark and Delay duo is a premium combination for couples to explore their desires at the same time. That's why S8 has bundled the two body-safe formulas into one playful set.

Get explicit with CalExotics Naughty Bits

If you want to upgrade your love life with trendy vibrators, be happy with CalExotics Naughty Bits. These playful vibrators contain a cheeky, explicit twist. The CalExotics Naughty Bits collection is exclusively available at LEKKERR. This series is the perfect way to take a daring turn and kick start your love life. The fun collection includes a fantastic selection of vibrators, each with their specific explicit message such as Bad Bitch, Fuck You, Just the Tip and Oh My G-Spot Vibrator. Some of these vibes have stylish graphic prints while others come with printed slogans that send a clear message like Screw it. From sleek vibrators to tiny bullets with maximum power, there's a Naughty Bit for every brutal sexual preference.

The innovative Hydromax3 Micro Penis Pump is here

Exciting news from Bathmate, the new Hydromax3, the first-ever micropenis pump is now available from LEKKERR. This ultra-modern design is specially designed for those with a small penis. The new Hydromax3 is a revolutionary new addition to the Bathmate collection for a target audience that previously had very limited options. The Hydromax3 delivers the full power of Bathmate's best-selling penis pumps in a smaller compact size, designed to maximize gains for men with a penis under 3 inches. 7.6 cm upright. Bathmate The newest part of our million sold Hydromax series Hydromax3 is the first ever micropenis pump and truly means lasting gains in the quality of sexual erection and personal confidence. With a whopping 92% of men seeing a real change with Hydromax, you can be sure that there will be a real upgrade after about a month of regular use. Discover the new Hydromax3 micro penis pump at LEKKERR online and give your less fortunate penis the opportunity to maximize its potential and truly change your sex life.

It s time to Get Real with the new Double Dong

New and ready to order at LEKKERR the Get Real Double Dong.

This dual-ended dong offers double intimate fun and can be used for solo playing or sharing the fun with a partner. The new Get Real Double Dong is available in two sizes 14 inch and 16 inch.

The new Double Dong from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection has a double-sided silhouette for twice as much intimate pleasure. The D.ouble Dong is body safe and made of high quality phthalate free PVC. The design has many realistic details, such as pulsating veins and well-defined round acorns. Flexible, yet firm soft feel and yet just the right amount of hardness. This sexy Double Dong ticks all the right boxes If you want double fun and double stimulation it's time to become Real with this TOYJOY favorite.

Discover the Get Real Double Dong at LEKKERR online now and give your sex life the real pleasure where it is have been longing for with this lifelike new purchase.

New at LEKKERR the Aloe Vera After Sex Gel by Happy Diva

Now available at LEKKERR the Aloe Vera After Sex Gel from Happy Diva.

This premium formula has a healing effect on the intimate part of the woman, soothes the skin and relieves irritation. LEKKERR's confidence that this nourishing gel will indeed make any female consumer a Happy Diva.

The new Aloe Vera After Sex Gel from Happy Diva is available in two sizes 50 ml and 100 ml. The product comes in a handy Press Play pump, packed in a box with feminine, non-intimidating artwork. The formula itself is made to help women nourish their intimate places and keep everything down there healthy, soft and supple.

According to the brand itself, Happy Diva asked women of different ages about their physical experiences after intimate penetration. The result; Many of them reported a burning and / or painful sensation at the entrance to the vagina due to friction and irritated skin.

That's why Happy Diva developed the Aloe Vera After Sex Gel that gives women the opportunity to restore and nourish the skin around their hot spots. The odorless formula helps soothe and heal irritated skin - making it an intimate care that benefits every woman 

Fashionable new Leg Avenue lingerie available

Great news for Leg Avenue fans, the brand has just released dozens of sexy new looks that are perfect for the summer season.

The new releases feature colorful festival-inspired dresses and catsuits, wild leopard print lingerie sets and feminine lace designs - perfect for a hot upgrade for your love life.

Several new plus-size outfits have also been added to ensure a flirty Leg Avenue match for every shape and size. The new Leg Avenue lingerie looks are now available at LEKKERR. Made from comfortable, high-quality materials, each outfit has a flattering fit to emphasize feminine curves Whether you wear them in the bedroom or denim shorts for a sexy go-out look. Leg Avenue's new lingerie will make you look fabulous for any sexy occasion. 

Browse the trendy new Leg Avenue lingerie looks at LEKKERR online and upgrade your summer range with these flirty feminine and fashionable designs today.

The Triple Density King Cocks have arrived

King Cock's new Triple Density Cocks are now ready to order from LEKKERR. This ultra-lifelike collection features dildos and dongs with 3 layers of pure perfection, a stiff inner shaft, a soft outer skin and sexy realistic details.

LEKKERR stocks two types of Triple Density releases: the Triple Density Cock Dildo which is available in 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-inch and the Triple Density Cock with balls available in 5, 6, 5 and 7.5-inch .

These flesh-colored favorites are packed with realistic appeal that will spoil you with pure pleasure that feels like the real thing. The improved design formula of King Cock Plus Triple Density offers superior realism Pipedream states The triple density construction means dildos and dongs have a solid core - complemented by a soft, lifelike exterior that creates the feel and flexibility of a real penis. the material more lifelike than ever before, but they have less odor than before King Cock releases All the fun no odor The new King Cock Plus Triple Density dildos and dongs are also harness compatible and feature a powerful suction cup base for hands-free fun and versatile play.

Discover today the ultra-lifelike appeal of Pipedream's new Triple Density Cocks, part of the King Cock Plus collection at LEKKERR.

Discover CalExotics Hidden Pleasures at LEKKERR.nl

New and exclusively available at LEKKERR the Hidden Pleasures vibe of CalExotics. This sleek and compact mini massager may look deceptively innocent, but its sleek look includes 10 powerful vibration features to keep you shaking and screaming with pleasure.

The new Hidden Desires mini stimulator from CalExotics provides total pleasure on the go. Simply slide the powerful mini massager into your wallet and bring the night to life - when you take the urge to orgasm to the next level. The ultra-thin vibrator has 10 powerful vibration functions that can be operated with a single push of a button. The intense vibrations are sent through the very compact bullet for stunning external vibrations. No one will suspect anything if you accidentally leave your Hidden Pleasures stimulator somewhere.

The Hidden Desires stimulator is USB rechargeable and can provide up to 15 hours of non-stop fun on a single charge. The design is also waterproof, ideal for a steamy session of self-gratification in the bathroom

Discover more about the Hidden Pleasures mini vibe of CalExotics online and order yours exclusively today at LEKKERR.nl.

Hit all the high notes with the We-Vibe Chorus

The new Chorus by We-Vibe-couple stimulator is now ready to order at LEKKERR.nl. With the classic We-Vibe appearance but with many new ultramodern functionalities. Chorus is a toy that stands out with the right chord and makes your erogenous zones sing with pleasure.

The new We-Vibe Chorus is packed with advanced state-of-the-art features. The Chorus's massager has 3 new innovative features that make it the most advanced couples vibrator ever, according to We-Vibe. An upgrade from the classic We-Vibe to the bestseller Chorus is an indispensable step for couples who like to share the erotic pleasure.

The 3 new features of the We-Vibe Chorus compared to the previous We-Vibe toys for couples are Squeeze remotes Touch-Sense Controls and AnkorLink trading technology.

Chorus, the pinch control function, offers a new intuitive way to control the intensity of the stimulation. The toy's new Squeeze Remote has been designed with the most natural human response in mind We-Vibe explains; The more you squeeze, the stronger the vibration, when you release your grip, the stimulation weakens. For truly hands-free playing, you can also control the chorus with a touch-sense remote control. We-Vibe Chorus has built-in sensors that respond to your body. While playing, you can use your movements to control the vibration. Pair the Chorus with the We-Connect app to choose from three different Touch Sense modes. Each mode is uniquely designed to respond differently to your touch. Also new is that the Chorus connects to AnkorLink trading technology, an all-new connectivity innovation - and a more reliable alternative to Bluetooth. AnkorLink provides a reliable and stable connection between your Chorus and the We-Connect app, allowing you to control the toys via your smartphone

Discover the We-Vibe Chorus at LEKKERR.nl.

A petite discreet glamorous new arrival

New and now exclusively ready to order at LEKKERR, the Glam bullet from CalExotics. This vibrator is packed with super power - delivering high intensity vibrations exactly where you want them. The shiny new Glam bullet by CalExotics touches all the right spots, it's small, discreet and whisper-quiet. CalExotics explains that the bullet is also your ultimate travel companion. Grab the travel-ready super vibrator and slip it into your bag and use it at night to enjoy passionate playtime wherever you travel take the super powerful Glam with you. The sleek Glam bullet offers 10 functions of high intensity vibration that can be easily operated at the touch of a button. The vibe's whisper-quiet motor ensures no one will hear your little secret and keeps your playtime hush-hush. The Glam bullet is USB rechargeable. The massager charges only 2 hours, while a full battery allows enthusiasts to enjoy 50 minutes of rapid stimulation or 90 hours of slow vibrations !! Discover more about CalExotics' new Glam bullet today and order yours now exclusively through LEKKERR

Get seduced by CalExotics French Kiss

New and ready to order from LEKKERR, the French Kiss Charmer and French Kiss Casanova. 2 charming new clitoral stimulators from CalExotics. Both designs feature an exciting, flickering tongue action - delivering sensual oral pleasure from the palm of your hand. The new CharEx and Casanova massagers from the French Kiss collection by CalExotics are exclusively available to LEKKERR customers. These compact vibrators are small discreet and very travel-friendly. Both styles promise to make the user feel real ecstasy with every vibration of the tongue according to CalExotics. CalExotics describes the new French Kiss Charmer as follows "The French Kiss Charmer is a travel-ready, vibrating tongue teaser made for sensual stimulation. The compact massager fits snugly between your fingers to deliver powerful licking pleasure with its tongue-like tip, while the sensually contoured body can provide you with utmost pure pleasure from almost any angle. " The French Kiss Casanova has an irresistible vibrating teaser with a powerful vibrating bullet for double intimate pleasure. As the licking teaser does its magic, the powerful bullet flexes and moves with your body to give nodding vibrations.

SeXentials by TOYJOY introducing the new Magnificent

Now ready to order from LEKKERR, the Magnificent massager from the SeXentials by TOYJOY collection. This innovative new massager has multiple attachments for pleasure and can provide up to 20,000 vibrations per minute, with endless scenarios for the intimate play. The Magnificent stimulator is an innovative new vibrator in the SeXentials by TOYJOY collection. This ultra modern simulator can be used in all kinds of sexy ways. Enjoy a mini massage of your erogenous zones with the spherical massager attachment. create clitoral stimulation with the dual-ended tickler or seduce the senses by using the stimulator as a naughty cone stimulator. The options are simply Magnificent. This premium collection in the SeXentials by TOYJOY collection is USB rechargeable made of high quality top silicone and produces more than 20,000 vibrations per minute. Competitively priced, the Magnificent massager makes state-of-the-art design affordable for every enthusiast. Get to know the new Magnificent online at LEKKERR

Bathmate Promotion Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum for free

Good news for Bathmate fans, the brand includes a free Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum 100ml with every HYDRO7 pump order. This limited-time promotion is only valid in March 2020, so place your orders quickly to take advantage of this lucrative freebie with the best-selling HYDRO7 pump previously known as the Bathmate Hercules. This temporary Bathmate promotion is valid for all purchases on the best-selling HYDRO7 in all 3 colors. When you order a HYDRO7 from LEKKERR in March, you will receive a free Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum worth € 35.99. According to Bathmate the Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum, the world's first Jelqing Enhancement Serum is made with Testostomax. TM is a unique blend of 23 components designed to boost male libido. The formula has been extensively tested for quality by the brand, resulting in a high ly-potent testosterone boosting serum that works in harmony with the Bathmate Hydropump range, giving the user bigger, better and faster erections. Take advantage of this temporary Bathmate promotion now and order a HYDRO7 pump in March and a 100ml Max Out Jelqing Enhancement Serum will be delivered for free.

Trend alert new Leg Avenue crochet lingerie looks

Exciting news from Leg Avenue, the brand's latest net lingerie looks are now available at LEKKERR. The sexy interpretation of the handmade homespun classic has unique patterns to emphasize the feminine contours and is applied to dozens of new bra sets, bodysuits, body stockings, dresses and stockings. The trend popularized by the hippie movement in the 1970s has never strayed far from our fashion radar, but by 2020 we expect it to be bigger than ever. Don't worry, you don't have to grab your crochet hooks as Leg Avenue has reinvented the trend with modern comfortable fabrics with crochet textures, prints and patterns A nod to the era of love transformed into sleek and sexy modern silhouettes Crochet is here to stay It new Leg Avenue crocheted-inspired lingerie looks include several feminine body stockings that are the perfect way to cover you while still being seductively revealing. The crochet style body stockings are available in regular sizes and in large sizes, which ensures that there is a fashionable match for every woman and every body. Discover the new Leg Avenue lingerie collections at LEKKERR.nl.

The Rechargeable Butterfly Kiss has arrived

The new rechargeable Butterfly Kiss from CalExotics is now ready to order from LEKKERR. This innovative interpretation of the best-selling Butterfly Kiss Original offers the same timeless pleasure but now wrapped in a rechargeable and smooth silicone silhouette. The new rechargeable butterfly kiss has a sensually designed vibrator with a finely shaped G-spot stimulator. The optimal fluttering wings of the tantalizing antennae design provide breathtaking clitoral action. The medium vibe is perfect for beginner, advanced and graduate users as classic stimulation will thrill all pleasure seekers. The rechargeable butterfly kiss is equipped with dual motors with 10 functions of vibration pulsation and escalation plus simple push button operation. The vibrator is USB rechargeable and can run at high speed for about 50 minutes and low speed for 75 minutes. A modern interpretation of a classic bestseller, the rechargeable butterfly kiss. Order now at LEKKERR.nl.

New Doc Johnson Main Squeeze models

Exciting news from the Doc. There are 4 new models available in the brand's best-selling Main Squeeze collection. These new Doc Johnson items are now ready to order from LEKKERR so you or your partner can put the sensual pleasure in the palm of their hand. These soft and cozy masturbators are formed directly from the bodies of the hottest erotic stars and models. The new names in the Main Squeeze line-up are Honey Gold Natasha, Cute popular Camgirl Bailey Rayne and naughty Instagram star @ layna.me. Handcrafted in lifelike ULTRASKYN, each of the new Doc Johnson Main Squeeze strokers features a sleek textured interior that feels warm and feels like the real thing.You can check out Main Squeeze's new masturbators in all their sexy glory at LEKKERR online.

The soft nourishing delight of S8 s Aloe Vera lubricant

Have you already discovered the gentle nourishing pleasure of the premium Aloe Vera lubricant from S8? This water-based formula is a fantastic alternative for consumers looking for a natural lubricant that feels soft and soft in sensitive areas. The water-based S8 Aloe Vera lubricant is ideal for those who crave body-safe quality lubricants for personal intimacy. This great formula of S8 contains special compounds derived from Aloe Vera known for its natural moisturizing effect. This quality choice in lubricant adds sensational sliding and softness while being safe and soft for the sensitive spots around your hotspots. The water-based Aloe Vera lubricant is completely paraben-free phthalate-free gluten-free sulfate-free plus contains no added colors or aggressive preservatives for a completely natural appearance With medical approval, the S8 Aloe Vera water-based lubricant also complies with all current EU regulations regarding intimate care products and makes it a reliable, competitively priced and transparent alternative to other non-approved choices on the market. Benefit today from the natural appeal of S8's Aloe Vera lubricant as an addition to your range for intimate care with this nourishing and hydrating glide.

Profitable new PRIVATE arrivals

An exciting update from PRIVATE !! The brand has expanded its collection with 4 new sensational masturbators copied from your favorite PRIVATE pornstars. Give your feelings a chance to get up close and personal with Shona River, Jolee Love, Gabi Gold and Gibenra Bellucci - and order your favorite masturbators exclusively today at LEKKERR The new PRIVATE masturbators that are currently ready to order at LEKKERR are the Shona River Pornstar mouth, the Jolee Love Pornstar vagina and the Gabi Gold Pornstar vagina. The new Ginebra Belucci vagina arrives next week. The new masturbators are crafted after the PRIVATE Girls actual curves making them an absolutely indispensable toy for fans of this sexy actress. Each PRIVATE tube has a realistic inner structure and a tight opening that delivers mind-blowing stimulation exactly where you want it. Made from premium materials and to the highest quality standards, the PRIVATE Girls masturbators are a durable, body-safe and exciting choice in masturbation pleasure. Discover the new PRIVATE masturbators online at LEKKERR.nl.

The Icon Superbe couples massager is ready to order

Fantastic news about TOYJOY Designer Edition the collection s new Icon II Superbe couples massager is now ready to order at LEKKERR This upgraded version of the best-selling Icon couples ring offers even more versatile pleasure possibilities allowing both partners to share the fun in one sensual session of intimate play

The new Icon II Superbe couples massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition is the perfect blend of state-of-the-art functionality and non-intimidating elegant aesthetics Use it for sensual solo play move it all over your partner s erogenous zones during a sexy full-body massage or slip it around the shaft of the penis for mind-blowing dual-stimulation during lovemaking The Icon Superbe couples massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition features 7 thrilling modes of pulsation 3 vibration speeds and comes with a wireless remote control for endless play scenarios The design is packed with power transmitted throughout its smooth silhouette by 3 high-quality motors

The Icon II Superbe is also USB-rechargeable waterproof and made of luxurious soft-touch silicone Packed in a chic keepsake box this stunning choice from the TOYJOY Designer Edition line-up is the ultimate indulgence for both partners to enjoy

Aura by CalExotics arrives exclusively at LEKKERR

Great news for fans of CalExotics the brand s new Aura collection is now exclusively available at LEKKERR The feminine collection contains 5 silhouettes each with their unique pleasure skills Discover Aura at LEKKERR now

The new Aura collection by CalExotics is a non-intimidating choice to awaken inner desires The range offers 5 sensually contoured silhouettes all made of plush silicone and packed with innovative functions Choose between the Aura Teaser Aura Duo Aura Tickler Aura Dual Lover and Aura Wand - and get indulged by their sexy seamless curves and knee-shaking stimulation

The Aura collection offers plenty of high-end perks such as self-sealing USB charging points travel-lock features extended battery life and quick charging modes plus offers crystal-clear control that lets consumers easily cycle through the vivacious vibrations settings

Discover more about the sensual appeal of Aura by CalExotics online and order your favorites exclusively via LEKKERR now

NEW NS Novelties - Crystal

New and ready to order at LEKKERR Crystal by NS Novelties This chic collection of glass pleasure providers is sleek sexy and high-quality making it a true piece of intimate hand-blown art to indulge your hot spots with sensational stimulation

The new Crystal glass toys collection by NS Novelties includes luxurious anal plugs and probes anal plug sets smooth G-spot wands and sleek pleasure wands NS Novelties describes the new collection as Exquisitely crafted for a unique sensual experience Crystal opens the door to a world of exhilarating new pleasures Made from hand-blown superior quality borosilicate glass these dazzling designs are smooth durable and can be heated or cooled for breathtaking temperature play

The elegant collection of transparent Crystal toys comes packaged in simple and sleek packaging that truly lets the toy shine and sparkle dazzling your consumers with its chic luxurious appeal

Discover Crystal by NS Novelties at LEKKERR online today and upgrade your stock with this high-quality borosilicate glass collection

Get introduced to Hismith now

Did you know that LEKKERR has recently expanded our brand line-up with HiSmith a leading brand in fuck machines and other state-of-the-art toys and accessories Premium pleasure innovative design and great margins it s high time to get introduced to HiSmith

HiSmith is a leading brand in high-quality adult toys revolutionizing the market with its innovative state-of-the-art products The brand s portfolio includes premium sex machines Though HiSmith s products have a very luxurious look and feel the pricing is surprisingly affordable Making this brand an outstanding value-for-money choice to elevate your pleasure to the next level

Explore all the exciting products HiSmith offers via LEKKERR online now and get acquainted with this must-have brand in erotic devices and premium erotic accessories nbsp

More Renegade pleasure by NS Novelties

New and ready to order at LEKKERR the Renegade P-Spot Kit and Renegade Bowler Plug available in 3 sizes These arrivals combine the best of both worlds heavy-duty quality and durability with a soft-touch silicone silhouette Designed for the ultimate male pleasure they are affordable must-haves in any anal assortment

The new Renegade P-Spot Kit features 3 prostate stimulators made of quality silicone NS Novelties describes the kit as Playful powerful and pleasure-inducing The P-Spot Kit contains 3 perfectly designed anal plugs targeting the prostate and delivering skyrocketing pleasure with ease These body-safe silicone plugs feature a curved base for comfort and security and are suitable for use with all lubricants

Equally thrilling is the new Renegade Bowler Plug A big bold anal plug designed to provide a feeling of fullness without overstretching the entrance The bulbous plug is made of flexible odorless and body-safe TPE and comes with a flared base for safety The design is available in 3 sizes small medium and large

Packaged in a contemporary sleek way Renegade by NS Novelties is an eye-catcher in any in-store display and matches perfectly with the modern 21st-century man s desires You can discover more about the must-have appeal of the new Renegade P-Spot Kit and Renegade Bowler Plug - both ready to order - at LEKKERR online nbsp

The mind-blowing thrusting power of the Pulse One and Pulse Two

Have you already discovered the state-of-the-art pleasure of the revolutionary Pulse One and Pulse Two by Mae B These vibes feature special Magnetic Induction Technology that produces a mind-blowing thrusting action Curious about how they work Then check out the new product video demo via the LEKKERR website

The premium Pulse One vibrator and Pulse Two rabbit-vibrator by Mae B is a sensational choice to thrust your senses into seventh heaven Both vibes feature a unique Magnetic Induction Technology This means that each style comes with a magnetic weight on the interior that shuttles the entire vibe back and forth creating a sensational self-thrusting motion The difference between the new designs is that the Pulse One focuses solely on thrusting action whilst the Pulse Two comes with an additional vibrating clit stimulator giving pin-point pleasure right where you want it nbsp

To visualize the incredible thrusting abilities and chic aesthetics of the Pulse One and Pulse Two by Mae B LEKKERR has created a special demo product video The product video is available via the LEKKERR website or you can contact your LEKKERR Account Manager to request the video materials Check out the wonderful working of the Pulse One and Pulse Two by Mae B today

Minimum effort maximum pleasure with the Hydro Power Blower

Great news for fans of TOYJOY Manpower the collection s best-selling Hydro Power Blower is fully in stock at LEKKERR This sensational automated masturbator in the TOYJOY assortment does all the hard work for you and can be used both wet and dry - making it a versatile favorite amongst male consumers nbsp

The popular Hydro Power Blower by TOYJOY Manpower is designed for maximum satisfaction with minimum effort The quality masturbator features automated stroking action simply insert your manhood and let it work its magic The makers of the Hydro Power Blower wanted to give men more play options which has resulted in a silhouette that can be used dry or wet - as the special double-ended design enables water to run through the tunnel Whether you take it to bed or into the shower the Hydro Power Blower delivers unrivaled satisfaction

The best part The Hydro Power Blower by TOYJOY Manpower may offer premium functionality and quality but is also surprisingly affordable Offering consumers a great deal on automated stroking pleasure Learn more about the ready-to-order Hydro Power Blower at LEKKERR online now and give your male consumers the superb stroking fun they ve been waiting for

The sexiest gifts for any occasion

The sexiest gift for Valentine s Day or any other naughty occasion LEKKERR s new Gift Bags We ve added 4 sexy gift-bags to our line-up perfect for exploring passion in a fun non-intimidating way Affordable filled with erotic essentials and packaged in a gift-ready bag these kits are a must-have addition to any retail assortment

Choose between the Sensual Love Kit the Kinky Fantasy Kit the Passionate Weekend Kit and the Naughty Birthday Kit Each stylish gift-ready bag contains a great selection of erotic toys and accessories giving you all the essentials for a night of sexy exploration such as handcuffs a teasing feather tickler playful love dice faux rose petals a vibrating cock ring an eye-mask and a vibrator Also good to know these eye-catching gift-bags come with great margins for retailers allowing you to profit from their fun non-intimidating and affordable appeal

Whether you want to say I love you Let s get kinky or Happy birthday there a love bag to match the occasion Discover the new Sensual Love Kit the Kinky Fantasy Kit the Passionate Weekend Kit and the Naughty Birthday Kit gift bags at LEKKERR online and stock up on your favorites before Valentine s Day gifting season starts

Introducing the Liquid Vibrator formula by Secret Play

LEKKERR is thrilled to announce the arrival of one of the most innovative drugstore formulas we ve ever experienced the Liquid Vibrator by Secret Play This unique stimulating gel creates a powerful tingling stimulation very similar to actual vibration waves when applied to the erogenous zones Making your hot spots pulse with intimate delight

The vibration waves effect of the Liquid Vibrator gel by Secret Play adds a whole new dimension to lovemaking or solo-play Simply apply a small amount of the gel and gently massage it onto the erogenous zones Leave it on for a few minutes and let the formula start to work its magic The vibration effect lasts approximately 20 minutes but you can also re-apply the formula if you desire a long-lasting effect hellip nbsp

The Liquid Vibrator formula by Secret Play is available in 3 varieties Unisex Hot and Fresh The Unisex Liquid Vibrator gel only features the vibration waves effect and is not flavored or fragranced The Hot Liquid Vibrator gel has a strawberry whipped cream aroma and a warming effect The Fresh Liquid Vibrator gel has a mint aroma and a cooling effect The Hot and Fresh editions are also available in a Love Vibrations pack which contains one of each for double the intimate fun

These innovative stimulating gels are 100% natural and body-safe and come in a handy airless pump bottle for easy dosage Fun pleasurable affordable and unlike anything you ve felt before the Liquid Vibrator formula by Secret Play is simply a must-try arrival in the LEKKERR assortment

Discover more about its unique appeal and vibration waves effect at LEKKERR online today

LEKKERR s Valentine s Day Selection

To help navigate you towards some top-rated Valentine s Day stock LEKKERR has created a special gift filter on our website This means we ve bundled some of our favorite and best-selling products for Valentine s Day in one comprehensive overview Saving you time and effort when deciding on what pleasure providers to stock up on

The LEKKERR s Valentine s Day Selection contains something for every preference and target-audience him her and couples From naughty board games and thrilling toys to sensual drugstore formulas these products are guaranteed to bring the passion to any romantic scenario

Use the online LEKKERR s Valentine s Day Selection filter to get inspired about products to seduce consumers this 14th of February and profit from the big gift-appeal these items have to offer Check out the LEKKERR s Valentine s Day Selection on our website now

NEW ICON Superbe 2 Couples Massager

New and ready to order at LEKKERR the ICON Superbe 2 Couples Massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition Designed for endless play scenarios this unique remote-controllable couples toy is the ultimate choice for a passionate adventurous and pleasure love life

The Icon Superbe couples massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition is the perfect blend of state-of-the-art functionality and non-intimidating elegant aesthetics Use it for sensual solo play move it all over your partner s erogenous zones during a sexy full-body massage or slip it around the shaft of the penis for mind-blowing dual-stimulation during lovemaking The Icon Superbe couples massager by TOYJOY Designer Edition features 7 thrilling modes of pulsation 3 vibration speeds and comes with a wireless remote control for endless play scenarios The design is packed with power transmitted all throughout its smooth silhouette by 3 high-quality motors The Icon Superbe is also USB-rechargeable waterproof and made of luxurious soft-touch silicone

Packed in a chic keepsake box this stunning choice from the TOYJOY Designer Edition line-up is a thrilling indulgence for both partners to enjoy Explore its trendy appeal at LEKKERR online now

Hünkyjunk now available at LEKKERR

New at LEKKERR Hünkyjunk This premium brand in male pleasure providers has a strong focus on style function durability and color H nkyjunk s products combine classic silhouettes with trendy design elements - resulting in contemporary unique toys nbsp

The brand is a joint venture between USA-based experts and European designers This partnership means the products adhere to high American quality standards but also feature aesthetics and trends popular on the European market the best of both sides in one comprehensive collection nbsp

From cock rings to cock cages anal probes to penile sleeves H nkyjunk has got you - and your manhood - firmly covered The brand s collection contains a wide range of product categories ensuring a perfect fit for every target-audience

Discover the Hünkyjunk male toy collection at LEKKERR online today

Double the pleasure with Bangers new arrivals

Give your consumers the chance to experience double the intimate fun with Bangers newest arrivals the Tight Flip Fucker and the Snug Double Fucker These quality masturbators feature a double-sided design offering two sensational orifices for the price of one

The new Tight Flip Fucker and the Snug Double Fucker are now ready to order at LEKKERR Each masturbator is made of premium TPR and features sensational realistic detailing Crafted with a great eye for detail these naughty masturbators may just feel better than the real thing just don t tell your wife or girlfriend we said that hellip nbsp

The Tight Flip Fucker has both a vaginal and an oral orifice The Snug Double Fucker has both a vaginal and an anal orifice These double-sided orifices allow you to switch between different types of stimulation based on what kind of naughty fun you re craving Oral anal any hole Each orifice is followed by a tight pleasurable and sensationally textured canal that will indulge your manhood with mind-blowing stimulation

A 2-in-1 appeal bundled in one attractive-priced and realistic masturbator what s not to love about that Get introduced to the Tight Flip Fucker and the Snug Double Fucker from the Bangers collection at LEKKERR online

Sensual indulgence by the new Fruity Kisses Collection

Indulge your consumers with the new Fruity Kisses Collection by Shunga now available at LEKKERR This luxurious set contains 3 sensual formulas perfect for smooth and silky exploration of each other bodies With big gift-appeal this luxurious set is a guaranteed eye-catcher in any in-store or online display

The Fruity Kisses Collection ready to order at LEKKERR includes Shunga s foreplay favorites The beautifully packaged set allows consumers to give their love life a delicious fruity twist The set contains the Erotic Massage Oil 125ml in the fragrance Exotic Fruits Warming Aphrodisiac Oil 100ml in the scent Raspberry feeling and Shunga s best-selling Toko Aroma kissable lubricant in the juicy flavor Melon-Mango 165ml nbsp

Each luxurious product in the Fruity Kisses Collection Set is designed to bring lovers closer together in a playful delicious and sensual way For example the Warming Aphrodisiac nbsp Oil is a delicious edible warming oil created especially to excite erogenous zones When applied the kissable formula can be activated by the warm breath of soft intimate kisses arousing the skin with delicate heat and gentle touch nbsp

Combine the 3 sensual formulas in one mind-blowing session of intimate foreplay or mix and match based on your fruity desires with this must-have set the sexy choice is yours

Discover more about the new Fruity Kisses Collection by Shunga at LEKKERR online and indulge your consumers with this sensual choice in foreplay essentials

More Get Real by TOYJOY pleasure

Great news for lovers of realistic pleasure the Get Real by TOYJOY collection now offers 2 new thrilling designs The new Dual Density Dildo 6-Inch Balls and Dual Density 9-Inch Dong are the real deal offering unlimited satisfaction with their fleshy luxurious appeal

The new Dildo 6-Inch Balls and Dual Density 9-Inch Dong are designed to hit all your intimate hot-spots These premium dildo and dong are a flesh-tone color and have a natural silhouette with a strong suction-cup base enabling lots of hands-free fun The designs features carefully crafted details to enhance their natural attraction whilst the high-quality dual-density material offers double the intimate pleasure The toys their soft-touch exterior and solid core form an irresistible combination that will blow you away with its sensational feel Made of quality TPE and packaged in a contemporary way the Dildo 6-Inch Balls and Dual Density 9-Inch Dong from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection are must-haves for all lovers of realistic fun

Discover the natural attraction of the new Dildo 6-Inch Balls and Dual Density 9-Inch Dong at LEKKERR online and profit from their attractive margins and realistic appeal today nbsp

Opus Mica by Mystim now ready to order

Exciting news for fans of Mystim the brand s new Opus Mica masturbator is now available at LEKKERR Modeled on Germany s most famous erotic model Micaela Sch fer this sleek masturbator tube allows for a sensational close-up with this busty babe s most intimate curves nbsp

The new Opus Mica by Mystim is a sexy male masturbator toy with a realistic vaginal orifice and pleasurable textured interior canal based on the popular German model Micaela Sch fer Mystim describes the new release as You have never seen Germany s most famous erotic model like this before With the Mystim Opus Mica you can feel first-hand how incredibly good Micaela Sch fer feels Because this sex toy is a real-life impression of her delightful intimate area Unveiled she shows that she truly has it in her A real revelation for your deep love - again and again After all Micaela Sch fer is not only Germany s best known but also the most versatile erotic model The 35-year-old is also a successful singer actress DJane entertainer and presenter Micaela can be found at erotic fairs at wild parties on mainstream TV Germany s Next Top Model I m a Celebrity hellip Get Me Out of Here and on the celebrity pages of the popular magazines In German-speaking countries you will have a hard time finding someone who doesn t know her hellip And it s not just German-based consumers who love this busty bombshell as her fanbase is spread all across the globe making her a household name in erotic modeling on all continents

The new Opus Mica by Mystim modeled on Micaela s real-life curves comes in an eye-catching sleek packaging with alluring images of the German superstar printed on multiple sides Making it a focal point in any in-store or online display

Explore the new Mystim Opus Mica masturbator at LEKKERR online now and stock up on this sexy new release in male pleasure providers today

S8 awarded Best Lubricant Line Award by SIGN

Did you know that the S8 Intimate Care collection just won a SIGN Award for the Best Product Line for its lubricant selection That s right It s not just consumers who love the smooth silky appeal of S8 but also the international expert And the best news LEKKERR has excellent stock availability on all your S8 favorites meaning you can profit from unrestricted access to this award-winning collection

The S8 collection is all about natural attraction The brand exclusively available via LEKKERR has chosen to use plant-derived compounds to deliver maximum satisfaction instead of relying on unnecessary chemicals Each lubricant formula in the S8 drugstore range therefore has an impressive list of natural selling-points For example all the lubes are paraben-free phthalate-free gluten-free sulfate-free and contain no added colors or harsh preservatives

And S8 goes further than just producing body-safe natural formulas to enhance intimacy The brand also complies with all European legislation for intimate care products Lubricants in the S8 collection are marked with a Medical-Grade trademark printed on the packaging This means that they adhere to quality standards set by the European Union for personal care products making them a genuine reliable and trustworthy choice in erotic wellness

Don t settle for mediocre when you can enjoy the superior natural attraction of S8

The award-winning lubricant line by S8 includes products for every preference including water-based hybrid silicone anal vegan flavored and even cannabis-infused lubricant options Available in various product sizings and packaged in modern contemporary tubes S8 is the perfect up-sell item to slip in with toy purchases

Discover the award-winning S8 lubricants at LEKKERR online now and indulge your consumers with this premium first-class choice in intimate care products

New We-Vibe s Sync Under The Stars set

New at LEKKERR the Sync Under the Stars by We-Vibe This luxurious kit includes the best-selling We-Vibe sync and stylish accessories and has big gift-appeal for the upcoming holiday season

The sleek Sync Under the Stars by We-Vibe contains all the essentials for a night of pure passion The kit comes with the popular Sync couples vibrator a very special toy that brings double intimate satisfaction We-Vibe describes the Sync as Get closer than ever with Sync a hands-free couples vibrator Sync trade is designed to be experienced with a partner during sex She gets powerful stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot and together you both share the pleasurable vibe hellip

The newSync Under the Stars nbsp also comes with wireless remote control a luxurious storage case charging base a USB-cable and a quick-start user guide Included wireless remote control is a new updated version and it can change vibration modes as well as the intensity at the moment Either partner can use the remote and it works up to a distance of 3 meters

Discover We-Vibe s new Sync Under the Stars set at LEKKERR online and order it soon to profit from its big gift-appeal for the upcoming holiday season nbsp

Inflate your backdoor fun with Seven Creations

Now available at LEKKERR the Inflatable Butt Plug by Seven Creations This budget-friendly plug is the perfect way to inflate your backdoor fun and comes in 3 sizes small medium and large

The new Inflatable Butt Plug by Seven Creations offers outstanding value-for-money making premium backdoor play affordable to all consumers The affordably-priced plug is made of quality silicone and hygienic ABS-plastic and comes with a handy hand-held pump for easy inflation When you want to deflate the plug simply use the quick-release valve

The Seven Creations Inflatable Butt Plug is ready to order in 3 sizes small medium and large and comes in a modern non-intimating packaging with unisex appeal

Order yours today and give your consumers an affordable choice to inflate their backdoor fun with even more pleasure

Ready to order the Shiatsu Massage Candle by HOT

New at LEKKERR the luxurious Shiatsu Massage Candle by HOT This sexy choice in massage pleasure indulgences the senses with delicious aromas a smooth and long-lasting glide and a HOT and sensual touch hellip

The new Shiatsu Massage Candle by HOT is ready to order in various enticing scents meaning there s a delicious fragrance match for every consumer Choose between Raspberry Amber Sandalwood or Patchouli Each 130g candle comes in a sleek white cannister with a special pouring spout for spill-free application The melted candle wax is safe to apply directly to the skin and smooths out into an indulgent oil that nourishes and leaves the skin delicately scented and feeling silky smooth

Packaged in a modern non-intimidating box with oriental-inspired artwork the Shiatsu Massage Candle by HOT has excellent gift-appeal and makes a great upsell item with any naughty purchase Discover the contemporary look and feel and lovely scents at LEKKERR online and upgrade your assortment with this massage essential today

Bangers by Hidden Desire an award-winning collection

Did you know that Bangers by Hidden Desire is now an award-winning collection The brand recently won the Best Adult Toy Brand category at the SIGN Awards confirming its impressive popularity with both end-consumers and the adult industry alike

The best news LEKKERR customers have exclusive access to this award-winning collection

Bangers by Hidden Desire is the brand for lovers of realistic lifelike pleasure This quality collection of masturbators offers sensational pleasure that might even feel better than the real thing just don t tell your girlfriend or wife we said that Created to give men the ultimate lifelike masturbation experience the range offers more than a dozen different products From compact handheld masturbators to big bold booty-shaped designs Bangers has got all your needs and your manhood covered Made of premium materials this collection is durable and adheres to the highest quality standard Mix and match your favorites to explore all the sensational textures and lifelike appeal of the fantastic Bangers masturbators collection

Get your hands on the award-winning Bangers collection exclusive via LEKKERR today and take advantage of its natural appeal sexy brand identity.

Mandy, Pipedream's new Ultimate Fantasy Doll is to order now.

Great news for fans of Pipedream's Ultimate Fantasy Dolls. The latest addition Mandy is now ready to order from LEKKERR. Sexy sensual and super realistic, Mandy is the ultimate indulgence for lovers of lifelike realistic fun. Mandy's entire body is supported by a super strong stainless steel skeleton with movable and bendable joints, just like a real woman. According to Pipedream, enthusiasts can put her in any position they can imagine without losing Mandy stability. Pipedream further describes the Mandy love doll as "LEKKERR". Mandy's luscious honey blonde hair and be seduced by her stunning amber eyes. Open her tender lips to experience the ultimate oral fantasy or wrap her graceful movable fingers and painted nails around your fat penis. Her firm perky breasts are waiting for a titty fuck while her perfect ass is pleasantly snug and ready to please. Mandy is incredibly sexy from her pretty head to her graceful full feet that are sure to please foot fetish enthusiasts.

Introducing the new Secret Play collection at LEKKERR

New at LEKKERR Secret Play This brand is all about naughty sensual fun and invites lovers to play solo or together exploring their boundaries in a playful non-intimidating way

From tantalizing erotic games to kinky bondage kits Secret Play has got all your arousing desires covered The chic collection even boats a quality line-up of intimate care formulas including kissable lubricants stimulating oral lip balms and luxurious fragrant body lotions that will leave the skin silky smooth and delicately scented nbsp

A big selling point of the new Secret Play collection at LEKKERR is that this brand comes in eye-catching gift-worthy packaging With a modern youthful look and feel it s perfect for alluring in-store presentations Catering to all entry-levels from beginners to experienced consumers Secret Play s branding is bang-on-trend for all target-audiences