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Do you want to pamper yourself or your partner intensely and vibrate with pleasure?! Then you must have a vibrat...
Free​ Free​ sale


Free (Free) Enjoy adventures whenever and wherever. ROMP Free is a travel-sized clitoral stimulato..

€33.99 €39.99

Shine Shine sale


ShineGet up and shine, baby - ROMP Shine is here to brighten up your day. It is an easy to use clito..

€42.49 €49.99

Switch​ Switch​ sale


SwitchSwitch to a new level of pleasure: ROMP Switch is our Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator with si..

€25.49 €29.99

We-Vibe Melt We-Vibe Melt sale

We-Vibe Melt

Looking for a clitoral stimulator? The Melt is the world's most powerful, quietest and most beautifu..

€134.10 €149.00

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Read here all about the vibrator.

All vibrators sold by us comply with a CE mark and the silicone release meets all tests that are carried out by the certification bodies that test each product for safety before it can come on the market and end up on the consumer's bedside table.

A vibrator is characterized by an electric motor that causes vibrations, these vibrations also called vibrations are very gradual and most vibrators have multiple speeds so that the right vibration can hit the right string.

Every vibrator makes noise, none are quiet as a mouse, only one vibrator of the brand x is just a bit quieter than the other vibrator of the brand y, by slowing down the speed of the motor the sound will decrease, of course there are plenty of silent vibrators in our range for sale, choose the vibrator with different speeds so that the noise decreases at a lower speed of the motor.

Indispensable in the bedside table of every woman or man. For yourself or for your partner or for both. LEKKERR.nl offers different types vibrators, a suitable one for every woman! Of course we have sharp prices. The vibrators are of high quality and made of fine material, such as silicone. Look in the vibrators category to see all vibrators per