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Bondage Scissors

  • €7.66 €9.95  

The bondage scissors from the Sinner Gear collection are specially made for those moments when your most beautiful creations won't come loose. The scissors effortlessly cut through bondage rope and bondage tape without scratching the skin. The ends of the scissors are blunt. This way there are no sharp tips that can cut the skin, so a safe use is guaranteed. The scissors are made of stainless steel and are very strong and durable.
Color Silver
Eindoordeel 5
Garantie Yes
Man/Vrouw/Unisex Unisex
Nickel Free Yes
Soort garantie Good Warranty Service
Verpakking Retail packaging (cardboard)
Video 145
Waterproof Yes
Width 60
Lenght 14.50 cm
Package size 20x7x2 cm
Sinner Gear Unbendable

The collection of Sinner Gear is very large and includes various metal sex toys for men. All Sinner Gear Unbendable sex toys are made from high-quality materials. The metal sex toys of this time. Order them quickly at LEKKERR.nl

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