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Anal Hook - Two Balls

  • €57.95  
This metal anal hook from the Sinner Gear collection is made for lovers of rough games. The hook is made of strong and durable material, so it won't bend. The metal can be warmed up or cooled down if you are a fan of Temperature Play. The bend design follows the shape of your body for a perfect fit. The firm ring at the top offers the possibility to tie a bondage rope to the hook in any way you like.
Lenght 27.00 cm
Package size 30x19x5 cm
Sinner Gear Unbendable

The collection of Sinner Gear is very large and includes various metal sex toys for men. All Sinner Gear Unbendable sex toys are made from high-quality materials. The metal sex toys of this time. Order them quickly at LEKKERR.nl

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