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Genie In A Bottle - Mystic Perfume with Pheromones - Women/Men

Genie In A Bottle - Mystic Perfume with Pheromones - Women/Men     

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Genie In A Bottle - Mystic Perfume with Pheromones - Women/Men

Add a little extra romance and sensuality to your life with this luxury Mystic Perfume from Genie In A Bottle. This perfume contains the pheromone androstenol, a natural attractant that is extremely attractive to men. The perfume has a fresh, masculine scent with notes of moss, jasmine and nutmeg. This perfume can be used daily and is perfect for any occasion. The pheromones in this men's perfume have been adjusted and are attractive to men. Ingredients: Ethanol, Aqua, Fragrance, Castor Oil, Disodium Dihydrogen Ethylenediaminetetraacetate, 5-chloro-2-methyl-2H-Isothiazol-3-one, Methylisothiazolinone, Estratetraenol

Content 50 mL
Eindoordeel 5
Garantie Yes
Geschikt voor koppels Men + Men
Man/Vrouw/Unisex Men
Soort garantie Good Warranty Service
Verpakking Retail packaging (cardboard)
Package size 11x8.2x4.5 cm
Genie in a Bottle

In ancient and magical times, there was always a genius who was called upon to grant special wishes. When these wishes were fulfilled and fulfilled, the Genie was liberated. Nowadays we all have our personal minds to which we appeal, to ask for those special favors and to help us realize our dreams and desires. So here I am today, GENIE in a BOTTLE, ready to serve you. Your wish is my order. Rub the bottle, make a wish and release me !!!

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