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Do you want to pamper yourself or your partner intensely and vibrate with pleasure?! Then you must have a vibrat...
7-Func. Classic Chic G 7-Func. Classic Chic G sale

7-Func. Classic Chic G

The 7-Function Classic Chic Standard "G" Vibes is the perfect intimate massager to use on your own o..

€16.89 €25.99

9-Function Butterfly Kiss 9-Function Butterfly Kiss sale

9-Function Butterfly Kiss

Stimulate, arouse and tantalize your erotic sweet spots with the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss vib..

€18.47 €23.99

Awesome G-spot Vibrator Awesome G-spot Vibrator sale

Awesome G-spot Vibrator

Awesome G-spot Vibrator..

€41.99 €59.99

Bird Of Paradise XL Vibe Bird Of Paradise XL Vibe sale

Bird Of Paradise XL Vibe

Bird Of Paradise XL VibeIndulge yourself with the naughty touch of Happiness by TOYJOY. The Bird Of ..

€27.99 €39.99

Butterfly Kiss Butterfly Kiss sale

Butterfly Kiss

The ultra-feminine Butterfly Kiss is the ultimate sensual pleasure tool for her. The multi-speed, po..

€13.08 €16.99

Catalina Climaxer Catalina Climaxer sale

Catalina Climaxer

Catalina ClimaxerDive deep into a sea of pleasure and sun-kissed fantasies with the playful Californ..

€51.14 €92.99

Contoured G Contoured G sale

Contoured G

The super smooth Contoured "G” vibe is a powerful multi-speed adult toy that is perfect for intense ..

€14.93 €17.99

E Rabbit G Spot E Rabbit G Spot sale

E Rabbit G Spot

The perfect choice for those who desire more design, more comfort and more fun! Fully waterproof | 7..

€50.04 €64.99

Eden Scoop Eden Scoop sale

Eden Scoop

Eden ScoopIndulge in a pleasure paradise with the sensational Eden™ Scoop. This enchanting vibe feat..

€25.34 €38.99

Eden Tulip Eden Tulip sale

Eden Tulip

Eden TulipIndulge in a pleasure paradise with the teasing Eden™ Tulip. This sensational vibe feature..

€25.34 €38.99

Explore Soft Silicone G-Spot Explore Soft Silicone G-Spot sale

Explore Soft Silicone G-Spot

Explore Soft Silicone G-SpotGo on a sensual adventure with the Explore Soft Silicone G-spot vibe. Th..

€47.99 €79.99

Extravagance G-Spot Vibe Extravagance G-Spot Vibe sale

Extravagance G-Spot Vibe

The Extravagance is a sleek G-spot vibrator from the SeXentials by TOYJOY range. This ergonomically ..

€27.63 €42.50

Flexible Please-Her Flexible Please-Her sale

Flexible Please-Her

Flexible Please-Her..

€34.62 €54.95

Foreplay Frenzy Bunny Foreplay Frenzy Bunny sale

Foreplay Frenzy Bunny

Enjoy unlimited tantalizing pleasure with the power-packed Foreplay Frenzy Bunny stimulator. The ero..

€31.56 €40.99

Foreplay Frenzy Teaser Foreplay Frenzy Teaser sale

Foreplay Frenzy Teaser


€31.56 €40.99

G Inflatable G-Bunny G Inflatable G-Bunny sale

G Inflatable G-Bunny

G Inflatable G-BunnyThe Insatiable G - Inflatable G-Bunny precisely targets the g-spot with an extra..

€117.29 €137.99

G Inflatable G-Flutter G Inflatable G-Flutter sale

G Inflatable G-Flutter

G Inflatable G-FlutterThe Inflatable G-Flutter is from the CalExotics’ Insatiable G product line, bu..

€117.29 €137.99

G Inflatable G-Wand G Inflatable G-Wand sale

G Inflatable G-Wand

G Inflatable G-WandThe Insatiable G - Inflatable G-Wand is an automatic inflating wand, and is the a..

€109.64 €128.99

G-Love G-Bunny G-Love G-Bunny sale

G-Love G-Bunny

G-Love G-BunnyThe gorgeous G-Love™ G-Bunny is a dual stimulating massager with vibrating shaft and t..

€84.14 €98.99

G-Love G-Thumper G-Love G-Thumper sale

G-Love G-Thumper

G-Love G-ThumperThe gorgeous G-Love™ G-Thumper is a dual stimulating massager with vibrating shaft a..

€84.14 €98.99

Gaya G-Spot Vibrator Gaya G-Spot Vibrator sale

Gaya G-Spot Vibrator

The Gaya is a heavenly G-spot vibrator with a thrilling silhouette. The Gaya is curved to perfection..

€32.99 €54.99

Gjack 2 Gjack 2 sale

Gjack 2

G-Jack 2..

€73.14 €94.99

Hers G-Spot Kit Hers G-Spot Kit sale

Hers G-Spot Kit

Tantalize and satisfy her feminine desire with Her G-Spot Kit. The comprehensive kit features the wo..

€25.40 €32.99

Hot Pinks Devil Dick Hot Pinks Devil Dick sale

Hot Pinks Devil Dick

Get totally devilish with this 8-inch jelly glitter dong, designed for women who want to find the ul..

€26.94 €34.99

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We're all about helping women have fun, whether they prefer a modern look or a traditional style.

From modern lines to only the highest quality materials, we're all about helping you find that secret spot that makes the inquiring women of the world scream. We don't sell toys, we sell friends. Because regardless of your experience level, we believe our products are always at their best when you share them with someone special. You know when you've found it, and you'll always want to return. Some women even report experiencing the elusive "G-Spot Orgasm". G-spot vibrators are designed to stimulate your G-spot. How does this help you find your G-spot better? By allowing you to focus on the pleasure rather than the distance between your legs. LEKKERR.nl is an experienced erotic site with a large selection of vibrators designed for maximum attention to your G spot. Ordering online gives you peace of mind knowing that your package has arrived safely without any risk of receiving a defect.Affordable Prices, Discreet Packaging, Fast Shipping Anywhere in the World; what else do you want?

Read here all about the vibrator.

All vibrators sold by us comply with a CE mark and the silicone release meets all tests that are carried out by the certification bodies that test each product for safety before it can come on the market and end up on the consumer's bedside table.

A vibrator is characterized by an electric motor that causes vibrations, these vibrations also called vibrations are very gradual and most vibrators have multiple speeds so that the right vibration can hit the right string.

Every vibrator makes noise, none are quiet as a mouse, only one vibrator of the brand x is just a bit quieter than the other vibrator of the brand y, by slowing down the speed of the motor the sound will decrease, of course there are plenty of silent vibrators in our range for sale, choose the vibrator with different speeds so that the noise decreases at a lower speed of the motor.

Indispensable in the bedside table of every woman or man. For yourself or for your partner or for both. LEKKERR.nl offers different types vibrators, a suitable one for every woman! Of course we have sharp prices. The vibrators are of high quality and made of fine material, such as silicone. Look in the vibrators category to see all vibrators per