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Feel Secure Menstrual Cup Set - Blue     

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Feel Secure Menstrual Cup Set - Blue

Feel confident and prepared with this Confident Menstrual Cup Set from Satisfyer. The menstrual cup is easy to use. You insert the cup into the vagina to collect menstrual blood. Your muscles will keep the cup safely and easily in place. After a few hours, you can remove and empty the cup. Then you can easily clean the cup and reuse it. This set of 2 menstrual cups, in 15 and 20 ml, are made of soft, body-safe silicone. The cups are easy to insert, and their flexibilty gives them the perfect shape that keeps leaks to a minimum. Because the cups are made of sustainable material and the production process is less harmful than regular tampons, they're much better for the environment and you'll be doing your part for a cleaner planet! Using a menstrual cup takes some practice but is pretty easy to get the hang of. Check out our tips for a great start:s - Before you use the cups, Repeat this process after menstruation, as well. - If you're still not familiar with how to use menstrual cups, then take plenty of time to figure out which insertion method works best for you. - Make sure you've washed your hands properly before and after changing the cup. Rinse the cup well in between uses. - Don't wear the menstrual cup for more than 12 hours straight. Satisfyer's menstrual cups are available in 3 sizes. Each set includes 2 cups that hold 15 and 20 ml and are 38 and 40 mm in diameter. The total length of the cups differs. - Confident: 57 and 60 mm long. - Good: both cups are 71 mm long. - Secure: 63 and 68 mm long.

Buigzaam Yes
Color Blue
Eindoordeel 5
Garantie Yes
Man/Vrouw/Unisex Women
Soort garantie Good Warranty Service
Verpakking Retail packaging (cardboard)
Weekmakervrij Yes
Package size 14.5x10x5.5 cm

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