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Casanova Collection 5 Pc.

Casanova Collection 5 Pc.     

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Casanova Collection 5 Pc.
Casanova Collection 5 Pc.
Battery quantity 1
Category Vibrators
Collection Toys
Insertable lenght 16.4cm | 16.2cm | 17cm | 17cm |16.7cm
Master case quantity 10
Material Group ABS Plastic
Model name Casanova Collection 5 pcs
Packaging size 21.8 x 25.7 x 5 cm
Product group Realistics
Required Batteries [AA]
Weight per unit 1.11 kg
Material ABS | Phthalate Free PVC
Lenght 18.4cm | 18.2cm | 19cm | 19cm | 18.7cm
Diameter 4cm | 4.5cm | 4.4cm | 4.6cm | 4.3cm
Seven Creations

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