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Beppy Soft & Comfort Wet 30pcs

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Beppy Soft + Comfort Tampons are unlike the traditional tampons, they are the most innovative tampons for women to experience more freedom during their menstruation. Not only is this tampon without a string. It gives you also a safe and more confident feeling. Due to the soft and flexible material, the Beppy tampons adapts completely to your body, giving you maximum comfort and reducing the risk of leakage. The Beppy WET version is lubricated with a lactagel. This helps to insert the tampon easily. The lactagel helps to maintain the naturally acidity and provides a healthy environment in your vagina.
Category TAMPONS
Color Natural
Material Polyurethaan schuim
Package size 21 cm x 5 cm x 30 cm

Female doctors developed the first Beppy in the 90s. For women who wanted to be free during their period: sports, sauna, swimming and sex. Beppy is a user-friendly, hygienic cordless tampon, designed for maximum comfort and protection. Beppy is safe, hygienic and non-irritating, this is clinically and dermatologically proven. More than one million women worldwide use Beppy.

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